What’s a House Church?

Yes, we literally meet in someone’s home!

From rows of chairs, to couches in the back, we have all the cozy feelings of a home. Pastor Paul Anderson and his wife are gracious enough to hold Lydia House services in their home every Sunday and we are so grateful.

So, what can I expect?

It’s not the dark and creepy #basementchurch you’re envisioning, we promise. Walk up the driveway and follow the signs!

For 9:30AM Prayer or Small Group

You can use the left, home entrance and go up the stairs into the main living area. You will be greeted!

For 10:30AM Worship Service

You can use the right, main (basement) entrance. Head in through the basement floor entrance door, and you’ll be welcomed by coffee + donuts in the entryway and seating is just around the corner!

Check out our Instagram profile for more details!

Free street parking is available on the side streets and on select sections of Lydia Avenue. Please watch out for the no parking signs.