There are over 3500 promises of God in the Bible.

Hope is based on a future promise.

Hopelessness: Job 3- Job Curses the day He is born
Elijah- Prays that God will take his life
2 Cor 2:8: Paul despaired of life

Hopelessness is real, but God is greater and He will pull us out of the darkness.

Proverbs 13:13: Hope deferred makes the heart sick
It was worthwhile for Joseph to hold onto the promises he was given.

We need to support and bear the burdens of our brothers who are struggling with hopelessness.

The greatest 3: faith, hope and love
Hope is incredibly important for the Christian.
Hope is released by God.

Isaiah 9: A great light has come
Ephesians 2:12: Gentiles were without hope in the world
Without Jesus, we have no hope.
Isaiah 42:6 A light to the Gentiles

The person who has the greatest life in this world: Their life is nothing compared to heaven.
Our present sufferings are not worth comparing to the future glory.

Hebrews: People joyfully gave up their property because they knew their hope was not in this world.

Christ will wipe away every tear. There will be constant joy. There will be no discouragement or despair.

If you are struggling in this world, put your hope on the coming of God.

There are promises in this world, but put hope in greater promises. There is suffering in this world, but no suffering in hope to come.